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Service charge distribution: Not an option but an Obligation

HomeBlogService charge distribution: Not an option but an Obligation
Service charge distribution: Not an option but an Obligation
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In Maldives the resorts takes an average of 10% as service charge. This is shared in various methods. Mostly the amount given is a secret. This website that provides the information of these service charges are not confidential because the employers are not the ones who give these information to the website but the staffs.

Referring to the law, 1% of the service charge given to employees can be deducted if the resorts wants. The remaining 99% should be shared among the staff equally and fairly. Most of the resorts does not obey this law. The tourism ministry should check if the resorts do obey this law as instructed. The resorts which does not obey the law should strictly be punished for not obeying the law.

Huge amount of service charges are received by resorts which conduct full occupancy. But sadly most of the resorts do not pay their employees the service charge and it is taken for the benefit of the owners. There are resorts which do not give service charge at all. If they do share this service charge equally and fairly to each and every staff, the salary of resort staff would be the highest among all other jobs.